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The issue of sustainability is becoming increasingly important to interior fittings, too. No matter how responsibly a factory may attempt to conserve resources, there remains value in what has already been purchased. In addition to the conservation of resources, there are numerous other reasons to hold onto older pieces that go beyond purely nostalgia. The decision to preserve existing investment instead of replacing with new furnishing can often be a practical one for your business. There are even legal restrictions, such as historic preservation orders, that may require original fittings to be used.

With “Preserving Value”, we offer a wide range of services to rehabilitate older generations of BRUNE® products as well as chairs and tables from other manufacturers. We will come to your site to get a picture of your rehabilitation needs and advise you on the available options. Often, a specialist can take an existing piece and update it, giving it a new lease on life. Historic investment is thus preserved while assuring compliance with current regulations, such as fire protection rules.