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Heinrich Brune founded a business which was selling household goods in a vestry in Kleineichen near Köln. Shortly after, the future “inventor of the demountable kitchen bench” moved to the Hacketeuer-barrack in Köln-Mühlheim, and from there was selling furniture to local specialist shops.
When Wolfgang Brune entered the company, the own production of kitchen benches, chairs and tables started as well. The production had initially been conducted in the hall of a former cinema studio in the mountains of Siebengebirge, but from 1961 it was conducted in the first company-owned factory-building, which is the current headquarter.
BRUNE®took over the trust of the former DDR-company ROTTA in Saxony-Anhalt. In the nineties, further take-overs followed which made it possible for the company to discover new markets.
Andreas Fertig entered the company as general manager and introduced, together with Wolfgang Brune, broad structural changes in the company.
The philosophy “Quality made in Germany” is based on the cooperation with important German designers, and puts the striving for absolute premium quality in the center of company activities. New pieces of design-furniture are launched every year, and they are partially acknowledged with internationally known designer awards.
After the business had been renamed to BRUNE Sitzmöbel GmbH, Andreas Fertig led the company as general manager and associate. The chair program SID, which was designed by professor Andreas Ostwald, had already been awarded with the Interior Innovation Award when it was introduced into the market.
The cantilever chair SKID (design by Andreas Ostwald) won the Interior Innovation Award. The table TIMBER (delphin design) won the Interior Innovation Award Selection. SKID was named one of the ten most innovative products of Orgatec by the professional magazine md.  At the end of the year, Andreas Fertig took over all the shares which until then stayed with the founder family and became the sole associate. His wife Christina is responsible as an authorised signatory for HR and Marketing.
SID and SKID (both designs by Andreas Ostwald) were nominated for the German Design Award. SID received the German Design Award Special Mention, which is one of the most important design awards that exist. LOU (Design by Uwe Sommerlade) received the Interior Innovation Award Selection and won the red dot design award as well.
Three BRUNE products were nominated for the German Design Award.
GRAND CHAIR and GRAND TABLE were awarded with the Label Special Mention.
BRUNE®received the German Brand Award 2016 Winner in the category Industry Excellence in Branding.
X_TEND (Design Prof. Matthias Rexforth) received the German Design Award Special.
SALT & PEPPER, LOU (Design Uwe Sommerlade) and X_TEND were honored with the Iconic Award Interior Innovation Selection.
Just like in the year before, BRUNE®was awarded with the German Brand Award 2017 Winner in the category Industry Excellence in Branding by the "Rat für Formgebung".
Three products are nominated for the German Design Award and win immediately: LOU, SALT & PEPPER (all designs Uwe Sommerlade).
LIMUN chair (Design Andreas Ostwald) presented at the ORGATEC, receives the ICONIC AWARD: Innovative Interieur - Winner.
Three BRUNE products are nominated for the German Design Award: LIMUN (Winner), GRAND CHAIR WOOD und TIMELESS (Special Mention)
Both new products were honored with the Iconic Award Innovative Interior: ALVO (Winner), FLOW (Selection)
BRUNE is awarded with "The Major German Brands 2019" by the "Rat für Formgebung".
ALVO (Design Andreas Ostwald) and FLOW (Design Prof. Matthias Rexforth) are honoured a second time.
The jury of the German Design Council awards both products with the German Design Award 2020 - Winner.
A new model is introduced - LIV (design Uwe Sommerlade) - and enriches now the BRUNE product collection as the little brother of the lounge chair LOU.
The new armchair LIV (design Uwe Sommerlade) is awarded twice by the jury of the German Design Council "Rat für Formgebung". In addition to the German Design Award 2021 Special Mention, LIV also wins the ICONIC AWARD 2021: Innovative Interior Selection.
Two new chair models are introduced: AXIO (design Kressel + Schelle) and UNIGAMMA (design Uwe Sommerlade) enrich the program with clean lines and elegant shapes.
The well-known, award-winning product line ALVO (design Andreas Ostwald) is expanded by ALVO Lounge with a rotating frame.
Three new models enrich the BRUNE product range: the armchair LOV (design Uwe Sommerlade), the versatile chair family MID and the elegant high table GRAND HIGH (both design Eduard Euwens).
The two novelties from the previous year receive multiple awards. Both AXIO (design Kressel + Schelle) and UNIGAMMA (design Uwe Sommerlade) are awarded the ICONIC AWARD 2022: Innovative Interior Winner.
UNIGAMMA also wins the German Design Award Special Mention.